Crafting Disorder – Book 2

Bigfoot is loose in Ponderosa Pines

What with thwarting a blackmailer intent on sabotaging their beloved community, and navigating their increasingly complicated romantic lives, Chloe LaRue and EV Torrence already have their hands full. But mischief is afoot.

Or, maybe mischief is a Bigfoot.

With items mysteriously disappearing in the night, the sleepy town no longer seems the safe haven it once was. And things only get worse when one of the residents posts a photo of a shadowy figure on the Internet, and the story goes viral.

Now, the two best friends must figure out what’s lurking in the woods, and hatch a plan to save their town from a merry band of Sasquatch hunters intent on creating chaos in the weird and wonderful town of Ponderosa Pines.

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