A Cold Day In Spell

Still reeling from her breakup with musician Kin Clark—who doesn’t even remember she exists—Lexi has decided to let her inner goddess come out and play.

Now, the only question is: will the Goddess let Lexi back out?

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Haunted By Murder

What will Mag Balefire do when someone from her past comes back to haunt her?

When Bradley Graham disappeared a few weeks before his wedding, everyone assumed he had a case of cold feet. Except for his fiance and a dead medium named Roma.

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I’m Erin Lynn, and I’m a writer from no-place-you-ever-heard-of, Maine.

I inherited the trait of expressing myself most effectively via the written word from my mother, who is ReGina Welling, author of the “Psychic Seasons” and “Earthbound” series of novels. She’s also the co-author of my “Ponderosa Pines” series, my “Fate Weaver” series, and my “Elder Witch” Series.

After living in Syracuse, NY for 8 years, I decided to move back home to pursue my own dream of writing for a living–and it was the best decision I ever made.

My life is made complete by my two hilarious sons, my amazing boyfriend and partner in crime, and an ever-expanding collection of pets!

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