Christmas Wraith – Book 10

‘Tis the season to be haunted…falalalalalala

Just when Everly Dupree believed her world couldn’t get any weirder, life -and death- take her on another adventure. Her dearly departed grandmother mysteriously returns and knocks Everly right out of her own body. Bound together in a captivating struggle, the two women must solve a cryptic puzzle to keep Everly from becoming the Christmas Wraith forever.

Amidst the flickering glow of holiday lights and the whispers of a chilling winter breeze, Everly and Grammie Dupree battle against time itself to help the ghosts of Mooselick River. With each mystery they solve, Everly’s chances of getting back into her body increase. Or so they hope.

Are you ready to follow Everly into a world where the line between the living and the departed becomes tantalizingly blurred? Where the power of love, determination, and unearthly forces collide in a battle for Everly’s very soul?

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