Fortune Haunter – Book 5

Everly Dupree wants to get on with her new start, but life and death keep getting in the way.

When local fortune hunter, Delly Harper, falls off a cliff, everyone in Mooselick River considers his death a tragic accident. Everly Dupree knows better. Dead, but not departed, Delly left Everly’s father in charge of his estate consisting of a ramshackle house, and several acres of property where his uncle may or may not have buried several jars of gold nuggets.

Determined to do right by his friend, Everly’s father launches a quest for the lost gold while Everly goes looking for Delly’s killer.

Soon, another body turns up, and sure the two deaths are related Everly goes looking for evidence to support her theory.

Can Everly help her father find Delly Harper’s lost treasure before a killer finds out she’s on his trail?

If you like gutsy heroines who solve ghostly mysteries, you’ll love this cozy, paranormal series.

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