Lexi Balefire Update

I very much hate to write this post, but it has to be done. After much debate and planning and plotting and a fair chunk of writing already done, ReGina and I have had to re-evaluate Spell to Pay, the current pre-order in the Fate Weaver series.

Do not despair if you are a Lexi fan, the book is coming. And so’s another one in the series. BUT…and it’s a big but…it’s not coming in July as promised.
I’m sorry, but in a way, I’m not sorry. I love Lexi and I want to give her the ending she deserves. The book we have in progress (to be renamed Heaven or Spell) has hit some major snags. One is plot related and that’s the biggest. There are things that must be resolved, and as we started planning the final book, we realized that there were more of those than we had already planned. At that point, we decided the ending had to expand to two books in order to do it justice.

We were right about that, but what we didn’t realize at the time was that dividing these events into two books and giving each a satisfying through thread would require so much more delicacy and planning than we left time for.

As it is, we are allowed to push our pre-orders out for 30 days at most through Amazon. Any longer than that, and we have to cancel and start a new one. That’s a factor we had to consider in our decision. Another is that we both have to pay the bills with our writing and if we take another 30 days (a period we’ve both agreed is not long enough) devoted to just Lexi, we will have to push everything else on our schedules back as well, and right now, that’s not something we can do without a detrimental effect on our income.

And so, it is with a heavy heart that I announce we are going to take down the pre-order for Spell to Pay. We are going to put up the pre-order for Heaven or Spell–I just have to do the cover for it–and we are going to set the pre-order date for next summer. When we have the finished first draft of Heaven or Spell, we will put up the pre-order for Spell to Pay which will end the Fate Weaver series. I will send the pre-order link for Heaven or Spell as soon as it’s live, but wanted you to know what was happening before we started pulling things down.

Now, that does not mean we are going to stop working on Lexi. We have a plan in place that hopefully will enable us to get Heaven or Spell finished early without disrupting the writing time needed for other series. And the added time will make both of the ending books to the series better.

So if you were anxiously awaiting this book, please know you have my most profound apologies. You also have my assurance that if we were to just bull through and get this book completed on time, it would not have been good. Trust me on that. It’s not even close to doing Lexi justice at this point, and I love her too much to give her less than my best.

Again, I’m sorry.