Haunting Season – Book 8

Friends don’t let friends go to jail

When her friend, Patrea Evergreen, unexpectedly finds herself behind bars, accused of murder, Everly’s determination to uncover the truth reaches new heights. Because, you know, being haunted by Davina Benet’s ghost wasn’t enough. The arrest lights a fire under Everly’s butt to solve the murder of Davina, a puzzle that has haunted her for far too long.

Except that Everly has no other suspects, Davina isn’t cooperating, and worse, there’s another body on the ground. Somebody thought poor Jober Peavey should have kept his mouth shut instead of spreading the most ridiculous gossip the town of Mooselick River has ever heard.

Determined to vindicate Patrea, Everly’s relentless pursuit of justice forces her to unravel a vicious web of secrets and lies. As the stakes escalate and time grows short, Everly finds herself torn between her own safety and the relentless pursuit of truth.? How far will Everly go before she uncovers the elusive truth and brings the real culprits to justice, allowing both Davina and Jober to finally rest in peace?

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