Meet Prescott

I hope you’re all enjoying winter, and haven’t been affected by the terrible weather here in the US! I was without power for a few days, which forced me to relax and I can’t say I’m too disappointed about it!

On a happier note, we took this little guy home a few weeks ago, and he’s been taking up a large portion of my days ever since 🙂 His name is Prescott, which we’ve been told is pretentious, but it fits his personality perfectly!


For your reading pleasure, an excerpt from Spell Hath No Fury:

This was the moment that made romance novels fly off the shelves and sparked love songs about two hearts beating as one.
The wave of new love spread like rings of water around a stone thrown into a calm lake. Out from this place, through the city and beyond, it left everything in its path a little sweeter, slightly cleaner than before. Until, with a jarring shudder, the circle of power struck an opposing force.
Fury and pain rumbled back toward me, threatened to flood me with dark emotion meant to steal away my newfound joy. My head rang when the bow answered with a song of power and rival strength.
Something—or someone—out there wanted to test its darkness against my light, wanted to subvert hope, remove love from the world—and it didn’t care if it took me out in the process. My death would be a fine feather in its cap.
Oh goodie, Lexi Balefire, matchmaking witch gains a new enemy. It must be Tuesday.