What am I reading?

I get asked this question a LOT and the answer is never simple because I’m never just reading one thing! I’ve got a book for the bath, one for before bedtime, and one for living room lounging. I’ve got something to read while I’m hanging out on my deck, books stashed in my car, my purse, and who knows where else!

For instance, I just finished the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, not for the first time, just because I NEEDED to. The Fae realm spilling over into ours; an evil, sentient book designed to destroy it all; one girl who can save everything. Need I say more? It’s a bit more risque than my own work, so maybe skip it if you prefer totally clean. If not, it’s a must-read.

My inability to find a work/life balance (and, honestly, a bunch of peer pressure) led me to pick up a copy of Atomic Habits, which touts the benefits of making small changes to your everyday life in order to essentially stack good habits while nixing bad ones…I set it down after the intro chapter, fully intending to read a little bit each day as suggested…and haven’t picked it up since. Please note I am not insinuating the problem is with the book itself–this is a classic “it’s not you it’s me” situation!

Then of course, it seems I’m always reading at least one volume of Deborah Harkness’s All Souls trilogy. It satisfies all of my loves: witches/supernatural beings, romance, time travel, and history! Not only that, the show is one that’s actually been done right, and I’m obsessed with it too–so obsessed and completely immersed, in fact, that when Matthew told Queen Elizabeth she’s going to be the most famous Queen for the next 500 years, I thought to myself, “it’s nice that Queen Elizabeth knew that”…as if Matthew and Diana really HAD gone back in time and created the present we know today! I may have had one too many martinis during that viewing, who’s to say?!

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