New Release – Murder Above The Fold – Elder Witch Mysteries #1

Hello Readers,
I am pleased to announce the release of the first book in a new series! The Elder Witch Murder Mysteries features sister witches Mag and Clara Balefire, who also appear in my Fate Weaver series.

Book one, “Murder Above the Fold” is available now on Amazon, and is free to read with Kindle Unlimited. Book 2 is available for preorder, and will be released in just three weeks!

Happy Reading!
Erin Lynn

Recent transplants to the quaint little town of Harmony, sister witches Clara and Margaret Balefire thought they were leaving the hectic pace of city life in their rearview mirror. Turns out, keeping up with a thousand-year-old coven leader with a penchant for magical mischief isn’t the most exciting item on their agenda. When Mag and Clara stumble over the dead body of a local woman, they refuse to let the ruling of accidental death stand–not when they’re positive it was murder. If you like cantankerous old witches, concealed covens, and unsolved murders, you’ll love this humorous magical story full of chaos and intrigue.