January 11, 2022

Fun news for January: ReGina (my mom for anyone who doesn’t know!) and I are part of this year’s Cozy Mystery Book Club! If you sign up, you’ll get an ebook emailed to you each month–books that aren’t offered for FREE anywhere else! Here’s how it works: When you sign up, you’ll immediately receive this month’s FREE ebook –…

October 27, 2021

Hello readers, I’m thrilled to announce the release of “Ghostly Dead” – the 7th book in the Haunted Everly After Mysteries – Available exclusively on Amazon & available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited! Please consider taking a moment to review the book on GoodReads, and also to follow me there! 📚💝📖 💗 Erin Lynn

February 26, 2021

Hello readers, I’m thrilled to announce that we are busy working tirelessly to bring you the next installments of both the Fate Weaver/Lexi Balefire series and the Haunted Everly After series. In addition, we are plotting stories to finish out the Mag & Clara Balefire Mysteries as well as the Ponderosa Pines mysteries! Those titles…

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