Unwelcome Ghost – Book 11

It’s been months since Everly Dupree has seen a ghost, and she should have known it wouldn’t last.

Everything was fine until Patrea Evergreen bought a long-empty house that wasn’t quite as empty as she thought. When Patrea and Everly discover a long-dead woman’s remains in a dilapidated mansion, Everly finds herself back in the ghost business.

Between dealing with wedding plans that feel like they’ve been cursed and her mother’s over-the-top ideas, the last thing Everly needs is a case as cold as cases can get, but poor Vanessa Morgan deserves peace.
But Vanessa isn’t the only ghost in the mansion and one of them isn’t like any other she’s encountered before. Worse, the dark spirit has more power than the rest.

This will prove to be the hardest mystery yet.

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