To Spell & Back – Book 3

Wicked is in the eye of the beholder…

Or, is it? Lexi Balefire thought every single new and outrageous piece of information about her heritage had been uncovered. She was wrong.

Her mother’s witch blood combined with the divine essence of her father, Cupid, makes Lexi the most powerful Fate Weaver on the planet—but she needs to repair the pieces of Cupid’s Bow of Destiny in order to finally claim her birthright.

In her quest to fix the bow, Lexi must go back in time and see for herself what happened the day her mother and grandmother supposedly murdered each other.

Still reeling from the pain of ultimate betrayal, and the near-loss of her soul mate, Kin Clark, Lexi embarks on a journey through time, uncovering pieces of the Balefire family’s sordid past.

The only way she can succeed and keep her loved ones safe is to not get lost on her way to spell and back.

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