One Spell of a Night – A Fate Weaver Novella

If the broom fits, fly it.

All Lexi Balefire wants is a chance to enjoy Halloween her way, but the grand plan goes up in flames when the ghost of a witch threatens to haunt Lexi over some unfinished business.

Tansy Blankenship died a horrible death, had her soul ripped in half and the pieces stored in Lexi’s workshop. Her lover is waiting for her in the place where witches go when they die, but Tansy can’t get to the Summerlands without help.

Join Lexi and Tansy on the adventure to send Tansy home before the clock strikes midnight and traps her here forever.

One Spell of A Night is a short story that takes place directly following
No Chance in Spell, but can be read as a standalone story.