Fate Weaver Series

Fate Weaver

Coming in December

The Fate Weaver Series

Being wicked is a choice. At least I hope it is.

Most families try to hide their black sheep away from sight. When my grandmother went about as wicked as a witch can go, mine erected a statue of her. Okay, that’s not entirely true since I’m the last remaining member of the family and I was only a baby, so I’m not sure who arranged for my worst nightmare to be carved in stone and placed across the street from my home.


Lexi Balefire knew witchiness ran in her family. With a name like that, how could it not?

Unfortunately, the family legacy had skipped over her leaving nothing but an enhanced intuition about relationships.One she had parlayed into a thriving matchmaking business.

But, Lexi wanted more. Lexi wanted the full measure of her power and had tried everything she could think of to get it. The stakes were high. The last surviving member of one of the ancient bloodlines pledged to protect the original balefire, Lexi didn’t want to turn her family name to mud.

Now she’s feeling the pressure. Find her powers before it’s too late. Deal with who or whatever is behind the concerted effort to tear apart some of her best clients, and mediate the constant bickering between her faerie Godmothers.

All she wanted was a Calgon moment. Something to take her away from the stress for a little while, but Lexi got a whole lot more.

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